Today we shipped the first source code release of IronRuby.


Both IronRuby and IronPython, released earlier this year at MIX07, target the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR).  The DLR makes it easier to create high-quality, high-performance dynamic language implementations on .NET.  DLR-based languages make it easy to interoperate with the .NET Framework, as well as code written in other .NET languages.


The source code for IronRuby is released under the Microsoft Permissive License. The project will be hosted on RubyForge, the central source code repository for the Ruby community. We will also be accepting external contributions to IronRuby libraries initially, and expanding that offering to the entire IronRuby compiler once the Dynamic Language Runtime reaches 1.0.


You can also find out more about this from Scott Guthrie’s blog on IronRuby.