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August, 2007

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    Visual C++ Futures

    I have got a number of emails and comments from some of you recently wanting to know more about the future of Visual C++. The Visual C++ team has been looking at what they should in VC++ to ensure that the direction of the product aligns closely...
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    What's new with Visual Studio 2008 Express editions?

    Since we introduced the Express Editions of our products with Visual Studio 2005, there have been millions of downloads of the Express products by people around the world. The original intent of the Express products were to enable an easy and fun way...
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    Visual Studio 2008 - MSBuild

    As we get down to the final lap of Visual Studio 2008, I wanted to talk about some of the new features in this release. Over the next few months, I will be blogging on different features and technologies that I’m excited about. Today, let me start...
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    Additional resources for Visual Studio Express

    I got a number of queries from people who wanted to get information on resources for the Express Editions that could help them get started. Please note that a lot of these are for VS 2005 Express Editions and we will update them as we get to shipping...
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    China - interesting opportunities!

    Ni Hao! I was in China a couple of weeks ago (Shanghai specifically) and had the opportunity to spend a day with our team there. It was very exciting to see the team coming into shape from scratch in just over a year and working on a breadth of...
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    Building and consuming web services

    As I mentioned earlier, I want to blog talk about some of the features in Visual Studio 2008 in the coming months. Today I want to highlight the support for developing and consuming Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services in VS 2008. WCF...
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    Imagine Cup 2007 - Who's the winner?

    As I am sitting in my hotel room in Seoul, Korea - this is the question on my mind as well as the minds of the students who are here from around the world for the Imagine Cup 2007 finals. The good news is we will know the answer within the next 24 hours...
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    Imagine Cup 2008

    Imagine Cup 2007 is done. Thanks to the city of Seoul for hosting us and for all the students around the world who participated in the Imagine Cup this year to make it a glorious student programming competition. Earlier today, I got a chance to...
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