Earlier this year at NAB ’07 and MIX ’07, we unveiled the Silverlight brand, tools, infrastructure, and roadmap, and committed to shipping Silverlight 1.0 in late summer.  


I am very pleased to say that we have delivered on that promise and today we announced the release of Silverlight 1.0 as well as Expression Encoder 1.0.  Both are available on the web today! 


I am excited to see that interest in adopting Silverlight for rich web solutions continues to be high.  Major League Baseball is already live using the release candidate bits of Silverlight 1.0. Other sites are coming online in the next few day, such as CBS/ETOnline, Home Shopping Network, World Wrestling Entertainment, and more.  We also have some examples of Microsoft properties that are already using Silverlight include MSN Podium ’08, XBOX Halo 3 (using Silverlight Streaming service by Windows Live), Tafiti, and MSN Extra.


In addition to this exciting news, we have announced a partnership between Microsoft and Novell, through which Novell will deliver an implementation of Silverlight on Linux, called Moonlight, in the coming months.  We are listening to community feedback and supporting this project to ensure that Silverlight is truly cross platform.


We are very excited about being able to bring these to you and look forward to you with a unified value proposition across our platforms, our tools, and our server/infrastructure offerings.  The Silverlight 1.1 Alpha September Preview, which is compatible with Silverlight 1.0, is also available today.