Exactly one year ago today, I announced the broad customer availability of the Community Content feature in the MSDN Online Library. This feature allows developers to contribute code and content in a wiki environment alongside the official online documentation.


A year has gone by and I am pleased to say that this feature has been extended to over 3.3 million topics of documentation, covering 8 languages, in the MSDN and TechNet online libraries. 


More importantly, I want to take this opportunity to thank the close to 4,000 registered contributors worldwide that have added comments, tips, notes and code samples directly alongside the developer and ITPro documentation we publish. These contributions will benefit the community of developers and IT professionals around the world.


Moving forward, we have a set of exciting new features in the pipeline. The most significant ones are:

-          Improved discoverability of the community content feature, based on feedback we have received from you

-          Scoped RSS feeds that will allow you to track contributions to specific areas of the library

-          Editor improvements that will make adding content easier and more flexible

-          A recognition feature to give more credit to contributors


If you have questions or feedback, you can contact the team via the MSDNWiki feedback alias or visit them online in the MSDN and TechNet Facebook groups. 


I would like to extend an invitation to all developers and IT professionals that visit our online libraries to try this feature and contribute code and content. Your unique experience with our products and technologies is worth sharing. The more you contribute, the more we all benefit!