About a year ago we decided to host selected popularly requested Hotfixes on the Connect site.  The feedback on this has been positive, however as with any new program, there were some things we discovered we could do better. 


We are making updates to this service by providing customers more discoverable, easier to use, self-serve Hotfix access through the recently introduced MSDN Code Gallery.


Discoverability of the availability of these Hotfixes has been one of the problems we want to solve.  On Code Gallery, all VS and .NET product updates are available in a single location.  The access restrictions that were in place in the past are now gone.  There is no log-in required to access and download the Hotfixes.  Another useful feature that is a part of this upgrade is the ability to search.  All downloads are multi-taggable and tags are searchable to help you locate relevant Hotfixes.  And most importantly, you can provide feedback on the Hotfixes directly via the Code Gallery forums.