For over ten years now, both the Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN) and TechNet (Microsoft’s online home for IT Professionals) have served their respective technical audiences with rich, deep and extensive technical guidance on using Microsoft platform and tools products.


Today, we released a new (updated) set of Tech & Dev Centers on MSDN & TechNet.  This is the next step forward in enabling MSDN and TechNet to be a destination of choice for the community and by the community.  With the new site redesign, the MSDN and TechNet Web sites will make it easier to discover and participate in these online communities and showcase the insights of the community experts as well as active technical professionals throughout the world.


One feature that you will find useful is that on our Developer and Technology Centers, you’ll increasingly see content from Microsoft experts as well as the community highlighted right on the home page of each Center.  You’ll also see a greater emphasis on Forums which use a new Forums platform with recognition for Top Answers and easier ways to see thread previews, which questions have code associated with them, and which questions already have answers.


This refresh covered 18 Tech and Dev centers and both of the MSDN and TechNet home pages in seven different languages.