Today, we are announcing the availability of Silverlight 2, the most comprehensive technology for creating and delivering .NET-based rich Web experiences. Silverlight is a game-changing technology in a fast-paced world of the pervasive Web.


Many customers and partners already take advantage of Silverlight’s benefits to deliver truly amazing and differentiated Web experiences for their customers – ranging from HD video, superior video streaming, unparalleled animation and interactivity via Deep Zoom, world-class development tools, powerful, cost-effective servers, and more.


During the 17 days of the recent 2008 Beijing Olympics, NBC delivered a Web experience powered by Silverlight resulting in more than 50 million unique visitors, 1.3 billion page views, 70 million video streams, and 600 million minutes of video watched. What’s more, it increased the average session time on the site from 3 minutes to 27 minutes, enabling NBCOlympics to break almost every other digital/Web record out there!


Silverlight offers you the same opportunity to tell the unique story of your product to customers, to connect with them, to provide value to them, to differentiate yourself from the rest.  


I get a lot of questions when unveiling new technologies about our internal adoption.  We launched Silverlight 1 just over a year ago and already, more than 100+ Microsoft sites/campaigns have launched on Silverlight. And the adoption pipeline across Microsoft’s key properties and applications continues to grow. Externally, we are seeing unprecedented momentum as well. Several high-profile customers like CBS College Sports, Hard Rock International, Blockbuster, AOL, Toyota, and Home Shopping Network have built next generation experiences using Silverlight.


You can download Silverlight 2 later today at