Last November, I posted about our acquisition of the assets of Teamprise, a partner who provides access to Team Foundation Server from Eclipse and non-Windows platforms. 


The Teamprise products have been very popular with TFS customers who were developing applications across Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms.  Often customers want to standardize on a single enterprise-wide solution for Application Lifecycle Management because of the cost savings and increased transparency this provides. The Teamprise technology is key in enabling cross platform TFS access.


Since welcoming the Teamprise technology and the development team into Microsoft, we’ve been hard at work introducing the essential features of TFS 2010 and working towards a high quality release. 


Today we are announcing a broadly available beta of Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer 2010.  This release includes the Team Foundation Server Plugin for Eclipse as well as the Team Foundation Server Cross Platform Command Line Client.  It works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and multiple flavors of UNIX, providing access to the same source control, work item tracking, build automation, and reporting features that Visual Studio customers have benefitted from.


Below, you can see a TFS user story work item in Eclipse.  The story’s implementation is described by a set of child tasks that are linked to that story.  It also shows the Pending Changes view with two source files checked out, the Team Explorer view with a set of work item queries organized into folders and the Eclipse import wizard connecting to TFS to import Java source into the Package Explorer. 


Team Explorer

You can download the beta of Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer 2010 here, and as always you can provide feedback through the Microsoft Connect site.