Before jumping into details, very important note – Only MS FTE can create MSDN blogs !!!


Steps to set MSDN Profile

1. Open -> Sign in with your live id

2. Create Profile

3. Associate live ID account to corpnet account


Steps to publish blog

1. Got to

Create Blog -> Enter blog name and group -> click on Create

Please choose a generalized name for your blog, so that all your subsequent posts can accommodate in your blog e.g. ‘Sonam Rastogi’ Blog’. This name can be modified later also under Blog Settings.

2. Download Windows Live Writer tool from Microsoft Download Center

You can also connect from Word 2013 or OneNote 2013 to connect to your blog. Publish option is available there also.

3. You need to use third party password for logging into WLW. Please follow the steps mentioned below:-

a. Go to MSDN Blogs -> Settings -> Change Password-> ‘Click here to recover third party password’. [Edit : These days you may need to write to ‘MSDN & TechNet Blog Support Team’ for resetting your third party password from your Microsoft FTE email account.]

b. Check your email for link to reset third party password. Please not this will not change your live id password.

c. Launch WLW, in the window that appears, choose the other blog service option. Click Next.

d. Enter the URL of your site's blog (already created in step 4), your username (live id) and password (generated in step 6a). Click Next.

There is another very good article on how to link WLW to MSDN blog


Steps to edit the blog name or other Settings

1. Sign in to MSDN with your live id.

2. Go to your blog page on MSDN


3. Click on ‘My Blog Dashboard’ on right hand side of the page


4. Click on Configure Tab -> Blog Setup -> Your blog’s title


You can update other settings as well. Navigate through all tabs under Configure to explore more.

To edit blog content, you can WLW.


Steps to delete a blog or blog post

You cannot directly delete blogs or blog post even if you own them, only administrators can delete them.

1. Copy the url of blog or blog post to be deleted.

2. Drop a mail to ‘MSDN & TechNet Blog Support Team’  from your Microsoft FTE email account with the related information. They will open a ticket and will help you in deleting the blog.


Happy Blogging !!!