Yesterday, on June 8th, MSDN Wiki ( become available to broad public audience. Concept of wiki is widely adopted in the Internet so I will skip brief intro to wikis. The purpose of MSDN Wiki site is to integrate community contributions into the Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0 documentation.

We know that many of our Customers are willing to share their experience and expertise in programming on .NET Framework with Visual Studio 2005. To date, almost the only way to do publicly share (and ask) was .NET Framework and Visual Studio 2005 forum at Now you can add your snippets, good practices, information about tools and many more to the structured hierarchy build around .NET Framework and Visual Studio 2005 MSDN documentation.

On the current site you can add content and edit other people’s contributions in a wiki-like fashion around the official Microsoft-authored docs. In the future we are thinking of allowing people to edit the Microsoft-authored docs directly.

Your feedback on this initiative is greatly appreciated. Please visit MSDN Wiki  and comment this entry with your thoughts.