August, 2009

  • Microsoft StyleCop

    Rule Suppressions

    Starting with StyleCop 4.3.2, it is possible to suppress the reporting of rule violations by adding suppression attributes within the source code. The syntax for these suppressions is similar to that for Visual Studio Code Analysis, or FxCop. For more...
  • Microsoft StyleCop

    StyleCop update is released

    I am pleased to announce that we’re released another build of StyleCop which includes multiple bugfixes as well as one significant new feature, the ability to insert in-code rule suppressions using the same attribute syntax as FxCop Code Analysis. For...
  • Microsoft StyleCop

    Property Headers

    By default StyleCop comes with two rules which govern the summary documentation for properties, depending upon the types of accessors contained with the property. For example: /// <summary> /// Gets or sets the name of the customer. /// </summary>...
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