So whilst we were all settling in for supper, ScottGu was unveiling a host of hot hot dev & design goodies at MIX10 in Vegas! I am amazed and proud of what the new phone OS has done in a year – kudos to all the dev and design teams that contributed. But, in a nutshell, the new phone is one huge Silverlight fiesta! (with a bit of XNA for 3D game development) No mention of Silverlight lite/diet or in any way less than the full capabilities of – your code is completely reusable across web and device.

The great thing is that we use   Expression Blend 4 gives you the amazing design tools to create those experiences – separate install though. Visit for tools, guidance, code samples and more.

Check out Tim Heuer’s blog on Silverlight IS the platform for Windows Phone 7 Series development and telling you how to get started.

Also look at Channel 9 for more material on how-to’s etc

AND – SILVERLIGHT 4 is out of beta and now into RC (Release Candidate)

Watch the keynote for day 2 (starting tonight at 6pm SA time) here