BrentSamodien Brent is a regular speaker at community and Microsoft events and always entertains with jokes and wise cracks. He works as the Product Manager for Software Development and Portals at Bytes People Solutions. He’s responsible for delivering solutions and teaching partners to do the same as a specialist instructor and Microsoft Certified Trainer and works with a range of technologies including the .NET Framework, SharePoint and BizTalk.


At DevDays Brent delivered two sessions:

Samodien, Brent - What’s New with Data Access in .NET 4In What’s new with Data Access in .NET 4.0, Brent talks about how WCF Data Services and the ADO.NET Entity Framework have evolved in .NET 4.0 to make data access easier and more efficient in your applications.





Samodien, Brent - New features in WCF and WF for .NET 4The session on New features in WCF and WF for .NET 4.0 included the new service composition capabilities and reduced configuration features in WCF 4.0 as well as the changes to WF 4.0 that make it easier to build workflows and integrate them with WCF services.