Yalla Apps is giving free registration for all developers in SA which costs about $99 if they register to Yalla Apps by July 20th. And after that once App Hub goes live in SA– the users will get free accounts on App Hub too.

All you need to do is register for free with Yalla Apps by July 20.

Simply go to <www.yallaapps.com/signup>  and create a free account. Once the marketplace is live for your region, you can create your App Hub account for free :)

This is how it works:

1. Register for free on Yalla Apps by July 20

2. Wait until we send you an email late July to open your App Hub account

3. Register to AppHub with the same email and name as your YallaApps account and get your AppHub subscription for free.(Microsoft will additionally verify your identity as usual)

Do not miss this great opportunity guys - Sign up now and INSTANTLY start developing for WP7.

For more info, please mail us at support@yallaapps.com