And the games begin, I think the toughest things about building apps for any mobile platform is the initial idea. Most people want to make the next huge application that is going to make them MILLLIONSS!!!!!!! If it was that simple we could all retire now, I think the first step is to look at the various market places and stores to identify the top 50 apps in market see what differentiates them from the rest. A large part of what you will notice is content. If the app provides content which everyone wants then its most likely going to be successful. My strategy for this challenge was the following:

  • Look at the various stores and figure out the types of apps that are successful
  • Things about the kinds of apps you use on a daily basis and what apps you enjoy using
  • Think about the value of what you will add
  • If you want to create an app that exists how are you going to differentiate your application from all the others out there. (What will you do better)

With that in mind and with a bit of processing I have decided to build a Flash Mob organisation Application. Basically it will be a fairly simple application on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 that will help organise and coordinate flash mobs around the world. There are a ton of considerations that need to take place such as:

  • What usage scenarios do I want to support
  • What data will I need to store based on those usage scenarios
  • How to make organising a mob really really easy.
  • What types of messaging and broadcast features are needed
  • Event timers and alarms.

I then decided to kind of brain storm a bit and sketch out some initial ideas. Yes I know my ability to draw is like a two year old with wax crayons but hey I am coder not an artist.