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Cool Toys

Cool Toys

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Wow.. so cool.


I was teaching a class yesterday to a bunch of really cool folks and they showed me a few things.


1. In LDP.EXE I can connect via Alt+c+c -- nice!

2.This thing called sharedview --- think of it like remote desktop over HTTP - live meeting style, TS gateway style etc.. but with integration into office and IM   so cool.



3. Folder share --  access your files ( and others files,  via some collaboration features ) from anywhere...  very very neat.


Leave it up to some PFE and MCS guys to know all the neat remote access tools  thanks Robert and Alan.

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  • Hey Steve (who knew you had a blog :0),

    RE: LDP - do you mean ALT+C+B --> pulls the Connect menu, selects Bind which forces a a silent connect according to the previously used values ... gotta love Dmitri!

    I'm an avid FolderShare lover, 5 libraries and counting sharing anything from scripts and whitepapers through TiVo to go pushes from my house ... love, love, love it!

  • Hey Dean, heard some news about ya..

    Anyway.. I generally fire up LDP and do ctrl+b,enter\ctrl+t,enter and away I go. ( I didnt use the ALT key..  )

    This get me connected to the domain NC and bound in two strokes.

    Sometimes I want to connect to a specific server.. but there was not Connect keystroke ( like ctrl+c)  -- but a nice and fast one is alt+c+c quickly gets me to the connect dialog.

    Just me being somewhat lazy, i dont like to click.

    Foldershare is very cool indeed...


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