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    More Kerberos fun with PAC’s- decrypt the PAC

    I had been meaning to blog about this for a while, and recently was teaching a class when a friend of mine looked into the exact steps and issues – thanks Woody. It may be interesting to peek into the PAC every once in a while and make sure everything...
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    Informal survey..iPhone VS Windows Mobile..

    Coming from support, I have seen many different causes for crashes and hangs, memory leaks and BSOD’s. Of course, again I am colored by my experiences and it reflects in the title of my blog “When things go wrong.. “ I only see the bad side of things. But, I have long held the opinion that Windows is a stable OS for the most part, and I know for a fact that many many root causes of cases I saw were 3rd party applications and drivers. Anyway, to the point. I was rebooting my Samsung Epix ( again ) the other day and was quite frustrated with the experience. I started to think, maybe I have too many applications running. ...
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