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How to determine virtual machine host name "virtual server"

How to determine virtual machine host name "virtual server"

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Recently had a problem where the lab folks forget where my VM was installed to and I needed some RAM added to it.  I needed to find the physical host name of the machine the VM was running on.  Turns out that there is a handy dandy reg key one the VS devs pointed out to me:

 HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Virtual Machine\Guest\Parameters\PhysicalHostName

Hope it helps someone, I spent quite some time trying to figure it out on my own.




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  • For some reason that key doesn't exist on any of our guests.

  • Really? Is it HyperV and have you installed the guest VM tools?

  • I google like crazy but no luck ! Where do you people find prebult vm host distros with xen virtualbox ... like xenoppix vmknoppix and xen live cd that have prebuilt host vms but no installer included ! I have find some powerful opensource solution but these are all for class server enterprise solution and request a 64bit cpu ! I need support for for x86 - 32 bit cpu ! So if there is prebuilt 64bit solution where is then 32bit solution ! Im not interested in running os in os that can be easly done but in bare metal host hypervisor ! XEN server were good solution but will not install  due to long mode cpu support is missing that means 64bit support cpu ! ESXi will have a scsi hardware (not good) ! Aparently xen runs on PII cpu so whats the heck ! So if someone have knowledge of some useful links that were good ! I canot find eny centralized info page abaut prebuit host hypervisors and links !

  • Thanks alot.. this was very useful... :)

  • Thanks. Very helpful.

  • thanks for the path

  • I Have different virtual machines (ex: servers.txt) available and i need to get host name of all.. using foreach or any other way ?

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