September, 2007

  • speech @ microsoft

    Windows Speech Recognition language support in Windows Vista

    One common area for customer questions is languages. For example, this one came in to our alias yesterday: Q: I live in Spain and have W. Vista in Spanish, and my voice recognition is in Spanish. How or where can I download...
  • speech @ microsoft

    Speech API and engine Availability

    This question came in to our alias today: Q: Can you please tell me where I can get Microsoft Speech API 5.3 appart from those versions packaged with Vista and .Net framework 3? A: This question and others like this could refer...
  • speech @ microsoft

    Speech Language Support in Windows Vista

    In my earlier post about how to download and install SR languages for Vista, I somehow neglected to mention what languages are supported. Not surprisingly, we got some questions about this. Q: What languages is Windows Speech Recognition available...
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