Here is a sample program that illustrates the principle of extracting a single audio file from the audio tables of an OCS 2007 Speech Server log database. This sample is governed by the Microsoft Permissive License as defined at

NOTE: you only need to do this if you are interested in accessing session audio (prompts as well as recognitions) outside of the Analytics and Tuning Studio, i.e. you have a need for programmatic access to session audio. Otherwise use Analytics and Tuning Studio to listen to recognition or session audio (see here), or MssContentExtract to extract recognition audio.

As written, the compiled application takes three parameters: 

<database name on localhost>
<audio type: ‘prompt’ | ’reco’>
<DB audio id of the audio data to convert>.

The result of execution is a wav file of the form: ‘reco_id.wav’ or ‘prompt_id.wav’.

Obviously, generating a single file containing the prompt and reco audio of an entire session requires further work to mix and concatenate the individual wav files that make up the call.

Note: ensure that any projects using this file link to the Speech Server common library (i.e. add the following line to your project file):

    <Reference Include="Microsoft.SpeechServer.Common, Version=2.0.3400.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35, processorArchitecture=MSIL" />