Women’s Build at MSDN Developer’s Conference

Women’s Build at MSDN Developer’s Conference

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Microsoft is hosting US regional Professional Developer's Conferences and recently added the Women’s Build an awesome women's networking event first held at PDC.  I'll be leading the event in Houston, I hope to see some of you there!!  Please help me spread the word to developers in your area.  

If you are a US student and would like to attend, please email me for discounts:  divein@microsoft.com


Missed the WomenBuild workshop at PDC?   Come to the  Lego SeriousPlay WomenBuild workshop at the MSDN Developer Conferences!
- Open to both MEN and WOMEN 
FREE to anyone registered for MDC ($99 registration fee).  

1. Register for WomenBuild via MDC using this code: MDCWIT. $99

2. Join WomenBuild Facebook group to discuss diversity in this industry

What is WomenBuild?
Watch the Laura Foy video on 10 and find out what WomenBuild is all about!

  • Designed to address how do we attract and grow Women in Technology through creative out-of-the- box thinking
  • A place to brainstorm solutions on how we can make technology and a career in technology more accessible to women. 
  • Combines personal interaction and networking with the use of LEGO® Bricks as a conceptual modeling tool, part of the LEGO® Serious Play Program (LSP).  
  • A great way to build bridges to solutions with a passionate and creative community of people who care to "pay it forward".

Washington DC1/16
New York1/20
San Fran2/19


Take aways for attendees:

  • Discuss how we can empower women with technology. Discussion will continue on Facebook
  • Pay it forward. Drive awareness and sensitivity that this is a problem that exists in our industry and our industry cares – pay it forward.
  • Spread the word. We will be at 11 cities  - spread the word & let people know that resources are out there
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