Technical Book Club: Code Complete Book #1

Technical Book Club: Code Complete Book #1

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The first book we’re reading for our Technical Book Club is Code Complete.  Order it today if you want to read along.  I’ll provide summaries and insights as we go along.  Here are some other book recommendations and books I'm considering for this year for the Technical Book Club

Read this post on How to Participate, the motivation, and the first chapter.


Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

Here are some goals I have in mind for the book club:

  • Help students connect with great technical books that might not be covered in curriculum
  • Provide an incentive to go through the books by making an online reading group
  • Cover the main ideas of the book to motivate you to read the book on your own
  • Going at a pace which is sustainable even if you’re working, schooling, interning, or just busy
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  • It is really amazing book. Each programmer must read it again and again.

  • It's too expensive,I can't afford it.

  • It is really a good book!

    I am reading it now

  • Expensive for a student without income.

  • My copy has arrived this weekend, and I'm reading it now. Software metaphors are something I've never thought of before, but the topic is one I've found to be interesting. A very good read. I've made a note to myself to take the time to look up [Google] all the people mentioned in Section 2.3 to understand where they were coming from with their view points.

  • @cwicker great idea!  I'd be glad to post some summaries of what you find if you want to send them to me.  My email form's in the top tabs.

  • The next sections are fairly straight-forward.  Here’s a summary of some of the keypoints: Without

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