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  • Blog Post: Windows 7 Links

    The buzz around Windows 7 continues to grow with great new features like AeroShake , integration with IE8, ISO Burning and more. My favorite Vista feature was the Start Menu. I love being able to open the start medallion and type a filename or program. I have no idea where I keep things anymore. Windows...
  • Blog Post: Imagine Cup Countdown Gadget

    Excited about Imagine Cup Egypt?  Check out this new Imagine Cup Egypt count-down gadget created by Andreas Balzar
  • Blog Post: Windows 7 it is.

    Mike Nash posted on the Vista Team Blog yesterday that they've finalized the name for Windows 7 (the next version of Windows.) It's Windows 7! :-)  I often like codenames better than the names products ship with, and I was definitely curious what they were going to do with this one. I'm glad to...
  • Blog Post: I’m a blogger and I’m a PC

    I’m a blogger and I’m a PC. Following Seinfeld and Gates , Windows launches a user-driven ad campaign. People around the world are submitting videos and pictures about being a PC. If you’re a PC, submit your own video now. I’m a computer science student, and I’m a PC. Read more about the Life Without...
  • Blog Post: Windows 7 pre-Beta at PDC

    It’s official, PDC just announced that the pre-Beta bits will be distributed to PDC attendees.  Watch a Windows 7 video here and keep an eye on the Windows 7 blog for all the latest updates. Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC) is the definitive Microsoft event for software developers...
  • Blog Post: Capture Screenshots: Windows key + S key

    All along I’ve been using this cumbersome process to capture a portion of my screen: Print Screen Key Paste to Paint Crop picture in Paint Cut/paste to email or save Today I accidentally ran across the Window+S shortcut which allows me to capture a portion of my screen and pastes it...
  • Blog Post: Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld: A Family Affair

    The Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld Ad series continues with Gates and Seinfeld moving in with a family in A Family Affair Parts 1 and 2.  Click here to see some commentary on the advertisement series.  
  • Blog Post: Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld Ad

    Read more about Microsoft’s new advertising campaign from Fast Company ETA: Keep an eye for more Gates/Seinfeld videos Thanks Alfred for pointing me to this on Seattle Times Blog and Frank for pointing out their home on
  • Blog Post: Windows Mojave: What are you running?

    Interesting focus group experiment.
  • Blog Post: Windows 7

    Windows 7 touch inherits from Microsoft Surface . Here's a feature demo of Windows 7:
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