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  • Blog Post: Blob Cache in SharePoint

      1.What is Blob Cache? Disk-based Caching for Binary Large Objects Disk-based caching controls caching for binary large objects (BLOBs) such as image, sound, and video files, as well as code fragments. Disk-based caching is extremely fast and eliminates the need for database round trips. BLOBs...
  • Blog Post: Managed Metadata, Taxonomy & More

      One of the most talked about capabilities since the launch of SharePoint 2010 is the Managed Metadata Service .  For those of you who aren’t already familiar with this service and the support it provides for modelling and deploying a rich corporate taxonomy.   For those who need...
  • Blog Post: Database Maintenance and SharePoint 2010

    The whitepaper on database maintenance for SharePoint 2010 databases was re-published yesterday. Unfortunately, the original version contained some errors and poor advice; so it was reviewed and revised by Paul Randal .
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