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SQL Agent in SQL Server 2012 is flooding SQL Agent Logs every 90 seconds

SQL Agent in SQL Server 2012 is flooding SQL Agent Logs every 90 seconds

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In SQL Agent logs for SQL Server 2012 you may see following message that appears every 90 seconds: "Reloading agent settings". It's indeed painful behavior from the user perspectives, and we will address this
issue in nearest Service Pack for SQL Server 2012. For now I can suggest you the the following workaround:

Go to registry on your SQL Server machine and navigate to corresponding SQL Instance registry key:

Change registry settings called “AutoRegistryRefresh” from 1 to 0.

The side impact of this: if you change any default settings behavior for SQL Agent, you may need to restart SQL Agent to get it.



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  • I would caution you to instead of applying this workaround to try to get the patch from Microsoft, if you read this connect ( ) post you will see that changing the registry value has caused some SQL Servers to crash. You can find me at:

  • Thank you sharing your knowledge. it worked with me

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