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Create a SQL Agent Job using Managed C++

Create a SQL Agent Job using Managed C++

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You could use the following code sample to create a SQL Agent Job using Managed C++  

You can download
the sample from MSDN


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  • Thanks to provide an example of the use of C++ with SMO. It is so rare, you have filled a surprising gap. I used C++ since the release of C++ 4.0 a long time ago and i gave it up when VC# was released ( 2003 ) as i was beginning to be bored by the use the pointers (->). I think that i will download today VC++ 2010 Express today to test your example.

    Congratulations for the way you wrote your code.Maybe too small font but with a huge advantage : it is easy to copy your code and to understand it ( no cut line with missing/not visible code ).Is it to have tags by languages .?

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