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The writers of this blog are a part of the Microsoft SQL Server team. We will be blogging about our tools, scripts, webcasts, and miscellaneous tips that will help you get the most out of SQL Server management tools

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  • Blog Post: Automatic backups, one per day, and with different backup file names

    SQL Agent can be used to perform scheduled backup job to backup a database to a unique file name that is constructed based on the system date. To construct a unique file name, you can use SQL Agent’s token substitution mechanism. You can read more about token substitution at
  • Blog Post: More Scheduling Tips And Tricks–StartTime and EndTime

    When creating recurring schedules with intra-day parts, StartTime and EndTime define the execution window. Despite the confusing names, StartTime and EndTime have nothing to do with StartDate and EndDate for a schedule. StartTime and EndTime define the active window for a schedule in a day (in other...
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