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The writers of this blog are a part of the Microsoft SQL Server team. We will be blogging about our tools, scripts, webcasts, and miscellaneous tips that will help you get the most out of SQL Server components on Windows Azure Virtual machines

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  • Blog Post: SQL Server 2000 will no longer be supported

    You can refer to section "SQL Server 2000 Support Information" in link - . If you are using SQL 2000, please consider upgrading to latest version of SQL Server as soon as possible. Upgrade to SQL 2008 R2 -
  • Blog Post: Latest service packs and cumulative updates for SQL Server

    Links for Latest service pack and cumulative updates for SQL Server -
  • Blog Post: SQL 2012 SP1 available for download

    You can download SQL 2012 SP1 from Please send us your feedback / any issues to SQL Server feedback
  • Blog Post: Community Content by Jes Borland: The Not-So-Secret SQL Server Agent
  • Blog Post: Create SQL Agent job using C# and SMO

    You could use the following code sample to create a SQL Agent Job using C#. You can download the sample from MSDN
  • Blog Post: SQL Configuration Manager WMI issue

    If you see this specific issue while launching SQL Configuration Manager, you can follow the workaround specified in this blog post Workaround: Open Command Windows as Elevated administrator user cd %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Shared mofcomp sqlmgmproviderxpsp2up...
  • Blog Post: Index rebuild on large database - SQL Agent Powershell job

    Index rebuild on a large database could take longer time. One of our customer was looking for a solution to rebuild index one by one when index fragmentation is greater than 30%. Related newsgroup thread:
  • Blog Post: FIX: SSMS : Can no longer create or edit job steps - Creating an instance of the COM component with CLSID {AA40D1D6-CAEF-4A56-B9BB-D0D3DC976BA2} from the IClassFactory failed

    Our customers reported issue while launching Job step dialog on SQL 2008 R2 's Management Studio. Here is the related connection issue Issue : When attempting to add a step to a SQL Server Job...
  • Blog Post: Gathering failed job history using power shell

    How to use this powershell script: - Launch SQL Server PowerShell ( Start -> Run -> sqlps.exe) - Copy the following powershell script and save to file (Ex c:\JobHistory.ps1) - in SQL powershell window, type in script file path ( Ex: c:\JobHistory.ps1) to run the script Note: replace "machine\instance...
  • Blog Post: Automatic backups, one per day, and with different backup file names

    SQL Agent can be used to perform scheduled backup job to backup a database to a unique file name that is constructed based on the system date. To construct a unique file name, you can use SQL Agent’s token substitution mechanism. You can read more about token substitution at
  • Blog Post: Backing up a database in a DB Mirroring configuration

    Background: Database Mirroring in SQL Server is used to increase database availability. You can read more about database mirroring at . Database can be backed up only on the primary instance. On mirrored instance, database backup cannot be performed...
  • Blog Post: More Scheduling Tips And Tricks–StartTime and EndTime

    When creating recurring schedules with intra-day parts, StartTime and EndTime define the execution window. Despite the confusing names, StartTime and EndTime have nothing to do with StartDate and EndDate for a schedule. StartTime and EndTime define the active window for a schedule in a day (in other...
  • Blog Post: Auditing SQL Agent job creation and deletion

    Auditing can be used to track and log events that occur on system. You can read more about auditing here . SQL Agent jobs are added / removed using stored procedure interface sp_add_job and sp_delete_job. Customers have asked us how we could track user who has created a job / deleted a specific job....
  • Blog Post: Scheduled Policy Evaluation on multiple servers using MSX/ TSX in SQL Agent

    One of our customer was looking for ways to schedule a policy evaluation on multiple servers using their existing MSX/TSX infrastructure. I thought it would be better to blog an article that could help others looking for similar information Before we get into details, here are some basics. Please...
  • Blog Post: Turning on Verbose logging in SQL Agent

    When any critical error / warning is reported by SQL Server Agent, it is written to a log file MSSQL\Log\SQLAgent.out. By default only critical errors and warnings are reported to this log file. If you would like to see additional information messages, here are the steps you could follow to enable verbose...
  • Blog Post: SQL Agent Overview

    SQL Server Agent is a Windows service that execute scheduled administrative tasks (Jobs) and notify operators when a specific SQL Server event occurs (Alerts). Jobs: - SQL Server Agent uses SQL Server to store job information. - Jobs contain one or more job steps; job steps can define which specific...
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