AlwaysOn Architecture Guides

AlwaysOn Architecture Guides

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Newly published: two new architecture guides:

These two new guides, along with the one published earlier on Multi-site FCIs ( complete the series of AlwaysOn  HA/DR architectures and design patterns (


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  • No pedo continuar por mi vista pues me esta haciendo daño el la pantallla.

  • Hi Sanjay,

    Have you seen the AlwaysOn Availability Groups synchronous latencies with/out SSDs in the solution?  I see comments from some who attended the recently concludd SQLPASS conf. that nobody talked about Sync, but only ASync due to significant performance degradation when using Sync.  Is that true?

    Also, if 3 nodes (2sync + 1Async) were used in the PRIMARY and 2Async in the DR site - where should one host the Domain Controller as the setup requires all nodes in be in a single cluster and same domain.



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