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  • Clustered indexes are very much recommended on primary key columns (even according to the article you posted). That article just does not recommend them on identity columns. In fact I would go further and not recommend that identity columns are primary keys at all (assuming there is another natural primary key available).

  • I've connected successfully to my Sql Azure database using Sql Server Management Studio Express R2. However, when I attempt to double click on any of the objects under the security tab to review the permissions nothing happens. On my local SqlExpress database it works fine. Any idea what this isn't working and how to get around this limitation? Thanks.

  • Please check out Bangdb (http://www.iqlect.com) the new key value store which seems to be very fast in terms of IOPS for both read and write. The Bangdb will be in many flavors for ex; embedded, network, elastic cache/imdg. Being crash proof, with many configuration parameters, it can be tuned to operate in most suitable fashion for a given requirement.

  • Thanks for sharing great article.

    I have a trouble with the existing code.

    It related to image (pin image) cut off when it is near to the tile (256 * 256) boundary. Due to this, pin image is not displayed well.

    YOur help in this regard is deeply appreciated.

  • How can they see the tables from other database within the same server?

  • In the case of truncating/archiving/removing data to free up space there is a potential delay of up to 15 minutes before the space is available and the database is usable again - msdn.microsoft.com/.../ee336245.aspx

    Is the same delay an issue when altering the database to automatically resize from code?  If I run the command to resize the database how long will it take to process and make the space and database usable?

  • Can I just say...this is a huge pain.  The fact that Microsoft decided to have inconsistencies between Azure and MS SQL makes no sense.  I've spent 4 hours so far trying to figure out how to migrate my stupid databases.  I think I'm going to give up until Microsoft decides to make the products actually talk to each other.  I'm scared to death to think of what might pop up if I wanted to move to production....

  • Man, the guy that wrote this is a genius.

  • Wayne,  What if I want to create a UI that can be used as an Admin panel that an Administrator can use to create new  users.  Is there a way to create database users programmatically without having to work directly with the SQL Azure online?

  • Could I run a script to create all the tables in the database and populate them?

  • Good Post. Wanted to create a table in my Azure SQL Database, installed the sql management tool and clicked create table. DOH - no designer? Realizing how long time ago i wrote SQL. Could you give a little sample for creating a table based on the idea above with a column with uniqueidentifier and default to newid(). and a clustered datetime column with default value also.

  • Hello,everyone,I have installed all the needed components for DacImportExportCli.exe,but I still can not open or run it,who can tell me why and what else should I do ?

  • I am planning to copy Production DB into UAT as backup Copy. However I am getting the following error :

    CREATE DATABASE dbname_ProdBak AS COPY OF [servername.database.windows.net].dbnameinProd;

    Msg 10054, Level 20, State 0, Line 0

    A transport-level error has occurred when receiving results from the server. (provider: TCP Provider, error: 0 - An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.)

    As the UAT login credentials are not same in Prod, does it create the error?

    How can I pass production credentials?

    Thanks for in advance for quick help..

  • Permission are discussed here: msdn.microsoft.com/.../ff951624.aspx.  I think this should answer your first question.  Second answer is that you can't pass credentials.

  • Here it is two years later and SQL Azure still doesn't have a design mode in SSMS 2012. Holy crap people...  I used VS 2012 to make it work, and I still had to alter scripts. It makes me realize that Azure isn't something I would choose if I had the choice...

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