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  • The Destination and Source both Tables Should have clustered index, Check your Target

    Table , Does it contains the Clustered index ?

  • is this still an issue? so I could not deploy data mining cases and table structures in an SQL database which has no indexes at all! it was a total surprise for me!


  • Does this approach "Adding a Worker Role" cause an additional monthly expense?  I used your suggestion, but noticed I now have a new "Core" listed in my services.  Not a great workaround if it costs us extra money.

  • I just happened upon this blog while searching for how to use Azure with a Windows Forms app. Just curious, since this blog is pretty old; Is SQL Azure gone or is it now known as SQL Database?

  • Sql Azure is for small web projects. Im going crazy trying to implement complex business logic. If im not fighting Sql Azures limited features im fighting the query optimizer, where the workarounds involve the features azure do not have.

    Now i have to sit and write out 5 wide temp tables because Azure wont let me use SELECT into and the query optimizer is to stupid to handle complex expression and CTE's.

  • I agree with SqlServerHairDay - Azure simply has too many crazy anomalies for coding anything more complex than hairdressing salon appointments. The inability to create temp dynamic tables is a massive faux pas, which must affect the vast majority of business systems. I'm looking elsewhere - any ideas anyone?

  • FWIW, to fix problem mentioned by eXavier_777 and Simeon, follow instructions here: support.microsoft.com/.../325056

  • Hi,

    i tried ti run project It works fine for file less than 8k but when file exceeds 8k it cant upload remaining bytes to Database

  • Any comments from MS when we can expect to get rid of this constraint at least in blob files. Microsoft? Thanks.

  • I'll never create a wp website using Windows Azure again. I can't believe I pay the money I do for Azure not to include this basic functionality. Microsoft let me down. Time to get rid of Azure and Visual studios.

  • The bug Ryan mentioned is KILLING ME!!!!!  argh....  Does anyone have a fix for this?

  • This is indeed a disappointing limitation, especially for temp tables where the clustered index logic doesn't play.

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