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Start with SQL Express?

Start with SQL Express?

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I have gotten a bunch of questions from people asking what exactly do we mean when we say start with SQL Express and then migrate the app to SQL Azure. I think this is best summarized by a quick customer example…

A couple of weeks ago we had a group of early adopters on campus to take some existing applications and move them to SQL Azure and Windows Azure. The customer simply opened up SQL Server Management Studio and used the Generate Script Wizard to create the DDL and DML for the database. They then connected to their SQL Azure Database and ran the script.

So when we say start with SQL Express, we mean you can develop your SQL Azure application locally using one of the on premises versions of SQL Server (SQL Express is free download) and then easily move it to SQL Azure when the CTP starts in August. So get started :)

Any questions or comments, let me know…


  • Shall we use the Linq to SQL or entity model in our application to connect the T-SQL CTP?

    If Not,Which framework will be used to be a ORM with T-SQL CTP?/

  • Okay does it mean that it is completely transparent and will be able to run t-sql stored procedures, triggers, udf etc?

    Or, do I need to rewrite my sql SPs, UDFs etc.

    Where can I get more information.

  • I understand the CTP is not yet out and it's hard for you to release any documentation.

    But can you give me a hint on what I should use for my data access layer?

    Should it be ADO.NET?  Or maybe the Entity Framework?  Or can I use any of the ORM middle tiers out there (like .netTiers)?

    I'm starting a new project and I'm willing to commit to SQL Azure and start working on a local SQL database.  But I need to decide what my middle tier/data access layer will be.

    If you point me to the right direction, I'll then be able to simply make a configuration change when I deploy to Azure, instead of re-writing the middle tier completely.

    If I don't know - it'll be very hard to convince my boss that we can use SQL Azure now.

  • Hi Dave.

    Any information for this suport and usage for CTP of August of SQL Azure?


    Ciro Maciel

  • If my application has a lot of data, after I develop my application against a local SQL Server,  how could I migrate my data to SQL Azure? Is there any convenient method?

  • I have the same question as smwikipedia. How do you migrate data?

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