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SQL Azure North Europe is Online

SQL Azure North Europe is Online

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It’s been great to see the enthusiasm of people looking forward to using the entire Windows Azure Platform in Europe.

I’m happy to announce that SQL Azure is now available in North Europe.

Starting today, when creating a new SQL Azure server there will now be three options in the region drop down South Central US, East Asia, and North Europe.


Any questions, just ask.


  • hi dave,

    obvious question, where exactly is the datacentre? is it Dublin?



  • Or is it Amsterdam?



  • Dublin data center is considered as North Europe.

    ~ Matthias

  • Hi there,

    will it be possible to relocate an existing CTP database across to Europe?



  • Hi,

    I recieved an invitation code for SQL Azure. When I tried using it - it says that the code is already in use. Why? How  can I use my code?



  • Hi,

    Are you going to support multiple servers in one subscription of azure?

    Currently, I need to test deployment of sql azure  in different region i.e US and Europe

    but Azure does not allow me to create additional server.

    Is this feature be supported soon?


    Jemson Sentillas

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