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    Patching SQL Azure

    You could be completely oblivious to the SQL Azure patching process and successfully use SQL Azure – however if you are curious here are some details. The Microsoft SQL Azure team is responsible for patching SQL Azure – you do not need to download, install...
  • SQL Azure Team Blog

    Clustered Indexes and SQL Azure

    We are going to start a new series of posts focusing on the basics of SQL Azure and build on top of these to give you more detailed information about building and migrating applications to SQL Azure. Unlike SQL Server, every table in SQL Azure needs to...
  • SQL Azure Team Blog

    New SQL Azure features - available today

    Following up with the availability of the Windows Azure platform which includes SQL Azure in an additional 20 countries beginning April 9, 2010, our global customers and partners can now take advantage of new SQL Azure features which provide continued...
  • SQL Azure Team Blog

    Yellow dashboard back to green

    Yesterday afternoon we reported an intermittent connection issue and I am happy to report that the issue has been identified and resolved. The issue was tracked to an out of data Kerberos encryption policy on one of our machines. As an additional heads...
  • SQL Azure Team Blog

    Yellow Dashboard?

    SQL Azure has been yellow on the Windows Azure Platform dashboard for a few days and I wanted to take a moment to brief you on why and what we are doing to correct it. A small number of customers are seeing intermittent connection issues and so we flipped...
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