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  • sorry about the second sentence above, i've been coding all night and tired.  Should have wrote "Can you please explain" and not "Can please you explain"

  • Thank you for the explanation. It was helpful.

  • Walter I know this is an old article. How would I display a report that is already uploaded to sql azure reporting server with the server datasource already pointing to the azure database? I have a win forms C# app with a report viewer control on it. All I want to do is display the report from the azure server in that report viewer. I do not want to create another report in VS

  • Define SQL Server 2008 with SQL Management Studio Express ?

  • How to install SQL server 2008 in my O.S

    ans please step to step

  • This comment thread has lost some steam, but I am also having the same issue when uploading 32m rows to Azure.  We get anywhere from 2-9m rows in and the process fails.  This is very frustrating when trying to support an Enterprise level app on SQL Azure.

  • Perfect post. Here’s a tool that lets youbuild your cloud database apps without codinghttp://www.caspio.com/

  • Awesome post.  Here’s a tool that lets you build your cloud database apps without coding http://www.caspio.com/

  • Perfect post. Here’s a tool that lets youbuild your cloud database apps without codinghttp://www.caspio.com/

  • Generally clustered indexes are not recommended on PK column in DB design (see sqlserverpedia.com/.../Indexing_Strategies for example). So why does the post say:

    "A clustered index is usually created on the primary key column of the table. "

  • I tried installing SQL Server 2008 Management Studio but i'm stuck on the FEATURE SELECTION page (the very next page of Licence Terms); as I find all the Check Boxes inactive. Dont know how to deal with it. please assist. Thanks!

  • I think that this link


    would be more useful to connect SQL Server Management studio to SQL Azure instance.


  • Richard - surely you don't have to wait until EF version 5.  You have to wait for version 6! :(  This no where to be found in the EF 5 release notes.

  • These limitations drive me insane and it makes more work for me.  Between the limitations and workarounds in both Data Dude and SQL Azure,  I feel like I am constantly fighting against the technology MS provides.  

  • Hey, Thx for your post. I got this error :

    Tables without a clustered index are not supported in this version of SQL Server. Please create a clustered index and try again.

    But when i check tables for indexes using method you mentioned, i noticed that primary index is already clustered !

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