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Handling Transactions in SQL Azure

Handling Transactions in SQL Azure

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The original blog post published here has been moved to the wiki section of TechNet and can be found here.  It addressed many of the aspects of transaction handling in SQL Azure. Many of the question posted below have been addressed by updating the wiki article. Do you have questions, concerns, comments? Post them below and we will try to address them.
  • just to make sure I understood this right -

    1) I cannot have a transaction spanning multiple transaction managers (in fact, make that multiple resource managers)

    2) I CAN have transactions that update tables in different databases in the same SQL Azure instance!


  • OK, but is explicit client management of transaction for a single Azure SQL DB supported?

    I.e. can one use .NET client transaction management functions, like  SqlConnection.BeginTransaction?

  • Hi Wayne,

    I've been following your blog for a while.  Good resources for SQL Azure, well done!

    I have a topic I would like to see covered but I haven't found anything on the web:  environment & configuration.  What are the recommended best practices to have configuration changing from a dev environment to staging & prod?

    Let's say I would like my team to work on a local SQL Server in dev, an SQL Azure in Staging and another instance of an SQL Azure in prod.  What is the best way to manage the connection strings?

    Thanks in advance if you cover this and keep up the good work!


  • Krisha: 1) That is true.  2) That is not true, you can not currently update two different Azure databases in a single transaction.

  • Mike:  SqlConnection.BeginTransaction maps to the SQL Server implementation of BEGIN TRANSACTION. msdn.microsoft.com/.../86773566.aspx so you can use that command.

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