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SQL Azure Service Update 4

SQL Azure Service Update 4

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Service Update 4 is now live with database copy, improved help system, and deployment of Microsoft Project Code-Named “Houston” to multiple data centers.

  • Support for database copy: Database copy allows you to make a real-time complete snapshot of your database into a different server in the data center. This new copy feature is the first step in backup support for SQL Azure, allowing you to get a complete backup of any SQL Azure database before making schema or database changes to the source database. The ability to snapshot a database easily is our top requested feature for SQL Azure, and goes above and beyond our database center replication to keep your data always available. The MSDN Documentation with more information is entitled: Copying Databases in SQL Azure.
  • Additional MSDN Documentation: MSDN has created a new section called Development: How-to Topics (SQL Azure Database) which has links to information about how to perform common programming tasks with Microsoft SQL Azure Database.
  • Update on “Houston”: Microsoft project Microsoft Project Code-Named “Houston” (Houston) is a light weight web-based database management tool for SQL Azure. Houston, which runs on top of Windows Azure is now available in multiple datacenters reducing the latency between the application and your SQL Azure database.
  • Way to go guys! Good to see the progession in handling the most requested features.

  • Great, nice to see the DB copy functionality.

  • Still waiting for FREE TEXT support - when can we expect that?

  • It is great to see the SQL Azure team constantly improving the service.  I think what a lot of people would like to see a feature implemenation road map from the SQL Azure teams' management.  This should assist project managers figure out when would be the best time to release thier projects to the SQL Azure platform, based on when the required features become avaliable.

  • Yeah I have been asking for some sort of roadmap previously. It would really help so that we can plan on when or if we use SQL Azure for production.

    Reporting Services is the big requirement for me.

  • Great,Nice to have the DB backup feature especially for Operations team maintanance tasks.

  • Hi Wayne,

    Yes this is a step in the right direction. Is there a plan in the roadmap for backing up to and restoring from Azure storage. Also will this be in able to handle or migrate existing non Azure backup sets?

    I see this as a key migration path for our existing client base.

    Would love to hear about this if were looking for blog topics :)

    I agree with Savstars, having an idea of a road map is very important to help with product planning. Backup and restore is one of the key things keeping us adopting sql azure at the moment.



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