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Hi, I’m Steve

Hi, I’m Steve

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Hi everyone.  I’m Steve Yi, technical product manager for SQL Azure. You’ll start seeing posts from me on the SQL Azure blog so I wanted to start off by saying hi and introducing myself.   I work closely with the engineering teams on listening to customer feedback and providing developers the info they need to successfully utilize our cloud database service.  With PDC less than six weeks away (Oct 28-29) and SQL PASS in early November, we are working on the latest evolution  for the SQL Azure line of services and I’m excited about the opportunity to share them with you right here – so stay tuned by signing up to the RSS feed.


Expect to see more video interviews with the engineers behind the SQL Azure services and more demos of SQL Azure in action with samples and guidance.  And of course more details on the new things we’ll be sharing in the next few months.


Outside of work I’m an avid rock climber, mountaineer, and amateur photographer.  Photos and tales of my outdoor adventures can be founds here and on my personal blog.  My wife and I are staunch believers in philanthropy and giving and are strong and consistent supporters of World Vision and Northwest Harvest.  More details about my experience and technical background can be found here.


Thanks for your interest in SQL Azure.  Keep coming back.  I look forward to the journey with you!

  • Hi Steve,

    I have a few questions that I have been trying to get an answer on, hopefully you can help.

    1) Is there a public roadmap for Azure e.g. when is reporting services expected to be part of azure?

    2) When will the Data Access Layer of the Patterns & Practices enterprise library support sql azure with respect to retrying failed connections.

    3) Is there a date for the support of actual Virtual Servers on Azure?

    4) Is there any plan to make Azure more affordable for small apps. At the moment you need two azure instances to allow for failover which makes it very expensive.



  • Hi Niall, sorry for the delay in response:

    1 - we hear that a lot from customers and partners, but unfortunately i can't say much at this time.

    2 - guidance on retrying failed connections is something we're currently working on; expect a post on that in the near future.

    3 - will share that info when we can!

    4 - thanks for the feedback about the price. what do you characterize as a small app? one that doesn't expect much traffic or compute time?

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