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PDC 2010 Announcements

PDC 2010 Announcements

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Today at PDC we are excited to  announce a number of exciting new features related to SQL Azure which are designed to further build out our platform and reduce complexity in building and managing applications. Today we are announcing.

  • SQL Azure Reporting CTP:  SQL Azure Reporting enables developers to enhance their applications by embedding cloud based reports on information stored in a SQL Azure database, thereby allowing the users of these applications to gain greater insight on their line of business data without having to worry about setting up machines or instances.  Developers can author reports using familiar SQL Server Reporting Services tools and then use these reports in their applications which may be on-premises or in the cloud.
  • SQL Azure Data Sync CTP 2:  At PDC we are also announcing an update to SQL Azure Data Sync to enable synchronization of entire databases or specific tables between on-premises SQL Server and SQL Azure,  giving customers greater flexibility in building solutions that span on-premises and the cloud. Customers can now synchronize SQL Azure databases across datacenters as well as with on-premises SQL Server.
  • Database manager for SQL Azure: As part of the Windows Azure platform developer portal refresh, we are announcing a new lightweight, web-based database management and querying capability for SQL Azure databases. This capability was formerly referred to as “Project Houston”, and allows customers to have a streamlined experience within the web browser without having to download any tools.
  • Customers can immediately register to get more information about the new capabilities here. Limited CTP programs of the new SQL Azure Reporting and Data Sync services will be available by the end of 2010. Invitations to participate and try out the services will be sent as we continue to build out capacity.

Stay tuned to this blog (we have an RSS feed) or our twitter account (@SQLAzure), for more updates. 



  • Our customers will love the SQL Azure Reporting services.

    We have an iPad/IPhone client app for SQL Reporting services and looking forward to support SQL Azure RS.


    - Dave

  • Last time I checked, Full Text Search was the #1 most voted for feature in SQL Azure, yet not even any comments on that?

  • Kevin:  Actually, it appears to be 3rd on this list: www.mygreatwindowsazureidea.com/.../34685-sql-azure-feature-voting.  There are no annoucements around Full Text Search for PDC.

  • yes, free text or full text search is what ISV's want, but Microsoft are not listening to us because they think it is less important than these new features, but they are wrong  

  • Hi TriSys,

    You assertion that Microsoft doesn't listen is incorrect. We realize this is a priority for customers, and when we can share more we will.  Thanks for your interest in SQL Azure, and I encourage you to check out SQL Azure Reporting and Data Sync when those new limited CTPs become available - two services many other developers and customers have asked for.  

  • @sketchMD1 - glad to hear you your customers will appreciate SQL Azure Reporting. Cool app!  How about a Windows Phone version? :-)

  • @Wayne - yes, but backups are done and "100% tsql compatible" I don't see that ever happening, do you?

    @Steve, yes, but SQL Azure Reporting was below full text search on the voting. Data Synch, was that even on the list?

    I mean, the entire Azure platform seems to be missing a way to do meaninful free text and fuzzy search across millions of rows. If full text search isn't the answer, maybe someone could give me some better ideas.

  • When/How will we see the Database Manager enabled?

  • Great, I'm looking forward to trying reporting services. Thanks.

  • Bryan: Database Manager is the project formerly known as Houston, you will see it as an extenion of the new portal.  You can use it today in SQL Azure Labs; look for Houston.

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