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UserVoice Site Setup for Database Manager

UserVoice Site Setup for Database Manager

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When we updated the Windows Azure developer portal last November, we added a lightweight in-browser database manager for designing tables and querying SQL Azure databases.  Our engineering teams are hard at work planning on enhancements and would love to hear your feedback. 

We have set up a UserVoice site to get feature suggestions for the next update of database manager for SQL Azure.  Check it out and let your voice be heard!  A user can vote for an existing suggestion or make a new suggestion - and each user has 10 votes to "spend".  Users can also make comments on other user's suggestions.

Let us know what's important to you.  Thanks!

  • Personally I think SQL Management Studio should be the tool for this and any development efforts should go into core Azure services. If it was my choice I would scrap any further work on the in-browser DB manager.

    All you can end up doing is replicating all Mgmt Studio features. I could be wrong but I assume most SQL Azure developers already have Mgmt Studio.

  • Hi Niall, this is Eric Chu. I’m a Program Manager from the SQL Server Manageability team working on Database Manager. Thank you for your comment. We are investing heavily in Azure, and that includes revolutionizing our manageability story to provide an empowering user experience for SQL Azure customers. Database Manager, a light-weight and easy to use database management tool for SQL Azure databases, is only the first step in this effort.  We want to hear your feedback as we continue to work on it.  So definitely check out the UserVoice site, and let us know what new manageability features you would like to see as part of this web-based offering.

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