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TechNet Wiki- Connection Management in SQL Azure

TechNet Wiki- Connection Management in SQL Azure

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Developers are always interested in how to get the best performance out of applications that connect to SQL Azure. This TechNet wiki article provides a detailed introduction of SQL Azure and its network topology.  It goes deeper by explaining some of the reasons for connection-losses or throttling cases and provides guidelines and best coding practices on how to manage the connection life cycle in SQL Azure.

Click here to view the article.

What connection scenarios have you experienced with SQL Azure? Let me know in the comments, as I'd love to discuss them.


  • I am not able; to connect to my SQL azure database.

    MY firewall settings in Azure are set to allow every one from a range of to

    I tried to ping to my database but it shows RTO.

    The tracert command makes successful route till ""( after that it shows Requested time out..

    Pls help me out........

  • When will the MS Patterns & Practices application blocks support connections (connection re-trying etc) to SQL Azure?


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