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Technet Wiki: Handling Transactions in SQL Azure

Technet Wiki: Handling Transactions in SQL Azure

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Just like SQL Server, SQL Azure fully supports local transactions. TechNet has released an interesting wiki article more about how SQL Azure handles transactions, as well as describing some of the basics. I would suggest taking a look, just to get more up to date on what capabilities SQL Azure has to offer.

Click here for the article.

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  • Great article.

    Got a suggestion for next time.

    Now that we got the Traffic manager that can route traffic between multiple Azure Service in case of a failure in one data center.

    How would you handle the SQL Azure part of a application?

  • Thanks for the feedback. Using the Data Sync Service would be a great way to keep the databases that are collocated in the different datacenters in sync. You can find out more about it at

    Hope that helps.

    -- Steve

  • Go TechNet Wiki Go!

  • Good Article

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