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  • Blog Post: Wiki: Gaining Performance Insight into SQL Azure

    This article discusses how to gain insight into exactly what Transact-SQL statements are being submitted to the SQL Azure, and how the SQL Azure accesses the database to return result sets. Read the Wiki Article: Gaining Performance Insight into SQL Azure
  • Blog Post: Compression for Speed and Cost Savings

    SQL Azure doesn’t currently support page level or row level compression like the enterprise edition of SQL Server 2008. However, you can implement your own column level compression in your data access layer to take advantage of the performance and cost savings of compression. I will discuss how to do...
  • Blog Post: Improving Your I/O Performance

    As a DBA I have done a lot of work improving I/O performance for on-premise SQL Server installations. Usually it involves tweaking the storage system, balancing databases across RAID arrays, or expanding the count of files that the tempdb is using; these are all common techniques of SQL Server DBA. However...
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