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About Microsoft SQL Server Support Blog


About Microsoft SQL Server Support Blog

Welcome to the Microsoft SQL Server Support Blog, where Microsoft Technical Support Engineers post solutions to the most common issues we see in SQL Support!
Who we are?
This blog is run by the SQL Support Engineers working at Microsoft.
We are the same folks you talk to when you pick up a phone to call Microsoft Support for an issue with your SQL Server.  
You know us and we know you - although we would like to know more about you and your issues to help you even better.
Not another blog…please!
With so many blogs out there on SQL, why would we want to setup another one?
Well, we have our own unique reasons and we will explain here:
  • We want to put the most relevant content out there for you – quickly, in a format you like, easily discoverable – to help you solve the majority of your issues.

    Relevant – issues that you might run into once in a while, the SQL support team sees everyday with other customers. We want to publish the resolution to such common issues on this blog.

    Quickly – we want to be able to do this as quickly as possible.

    Format you like – We know you like reading blogs. We know you like the flexibility of having the content available in varied formats – KBs, whitepapers, blogs etc. This is one step in that direction. 

    Easily discoverable – Amongst the plethora of information out there, you should be able to discover the content easily using your favorite search engine.
  • We want to save you a call to Microsoft!
    We absolutely want to get you as much information as we can to save you a support call on common issues. For the rest, we will continue to handle by phone.
  • We want to build a community!
    hrough this blog, we would like to foster a community of SQL Server users. By leveraging this community, we envision a better flow of information from Microsoft to our customers AND between our customers themselves.
  • We want your feedback to make our products better.
    We also use this blog to obtain your product feedback so that the next version of SQL is even better than the current one! 
Remember that this blog is not a replacement for any of our other traditional medias (KB, Whitepapers etc.). It is just another avenue to reach out to our customers.
Who is our audience?
The content on this blog will help:
  • DBAs looking for resolutions to common issues they face
  • Developers eager to learn about leveraging features effectively
  • Architects and Consultants who are looking for some best practice recommendations to avoid future pitfalls for their customers 
Anyone who is interested in leveraging SQL Server more effectively would also benefit from this blog.
Do we provide technical support through this blog?
We do not provide technical support through our blog.
If you're looking for support for a problem you're experiencing with SQL Server right now, please use the appropriate channels to receive support from Microsoft.
For more information on support channels, please refer to this page.
Send us your feedback
We are on a constant lookout for new ideas on topics to blog about. If you would like us to blog about a topic of your choice, please post a comment. All comments are reviewed by our team and prioritized accordingly.
Click here to send us your feedback.
What next?
We very much want to hear from you, and want to thank you for using our great product and for visiting the official Microsoft SQL Server Support Blog!