New exciting BLOG coming from SQL Server Customer Advisory Team

New exciting BLOG coming from SQL Server Customer Advisory Team

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Hello SQL Server Community!  My name is Mark Souza and I work on the SQL Server product team and manage all customer programs.  One exciting team that I manage is called the SQL Server Customer Advisory team (SQLCAT).   This team spends 75% of their time away from the halls of Redmond, Washington working directly with the largest and most challenging SQL Server implementations across the world.  We have implemented several systems 10TB+ in size,  high volume banking systems as well as trading systems.   Many of the deployments we’ve worked on were on hardware with 32-64 processors, large amounts of memory and on the most sophisticated SAN solutions.   When SQL Server or any database management system is stressed at these levels you learn a lot about the internals of the product and what it can and can not do.  The SQL CAT team objectives are three fold:

a)      Provide quality assurance to ensure success of these enterprise systems.

b)      Drive the enterprise feature requirements back into the product

c)      Create Best practices from our learnings

This blog will be about these learnings and best practices.  It will be technical and targeted mostly at the enterprise customer space.   We welcome comments, questions, dialog from anyone at anytime, but remember we bring a deep technical knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server so leave the licensing questions for the marketing guys J

The Customer Advisory Team Members who will be posting:

Mark Souza – 23+ years working on RDBMS technology with 12+ on Microsoft SQL Server. I get to manage these database geeks

Tom Davidson – 25+ years database technology with 10+ Microsoft SQL Server specializing in Performance and Tuning

Prem Mehra – 35+ years in the database industry specializing in IO technologies and High Availability

Bren Newman – 12+ years Microsoft SQL Server and former member of the Replication development team. 

Stuart Ozer – 25+ years database experience.  Has built more TB+ data warehouses than I can count.

Prakash Sundaresan – 7+ years on the SQL Server Engine development team.  Knows the Query Processor inside and out.

Kevin Cox – New member to the SQLCAT unit but brings 25 years of industry experience and strong SSIS and OLTP skills

Howard Yin – Another newbie SQLCAT guy.  Comes from Oracle originally but we let him join us anyway.  All around great skills with the product.

Lubor Kollar – 17+ years database engine development, 9+ with SQL Server. Currently member of SQLCAT with ongoing background responsibility as Group Program Manager on the Engine development team.

Gert Drapers – Has recently moved to Visual Studio team creating cool database development tools but is allowed lifelong membership to SQLCAT.  Also the best SQL Server developer in the world.


Starting in September, we will be posting often.  Let us know if there is a specific area of interest and we would be happy to blog about it.   Enjoy!

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  • Awesome.. I love SQL Server and can't wait to here from you guys.

    Shaun Bedingfield
  • I've had the pleasure of meeting a number of you (Mark, Prem, Lubor, Gert) at various SQLPass & TechNet events & I wouldn't appear nearly as smart as I do without Gert's web site tools & information (XPSMTP rocks!). I think you've got some great items on the blog so far but I'd like to see you provide some information on the following items:

    1. I've seen some webcasts & white papers on suggestions for the number of files(filegroups??) to use for the tempdb database (I've seen one that suggests one per the number of physical processors). Can you guys product an accurate suggestion on this please?
    2. I was very dissapointed that the initial release of x64 editions of SQL2005 did not support the SMTP mail feature. When will that be added? Gert, how about updating XPSMTP to work with 2005 in the meantime :-)
    3. Our strategic Security & Information architecture is to have application's use end-end windows authentication from the application to the database (this is to insure we have row-level access & auditing defined at the database level). The challenge when using SQL is that in a high-concurrency environment there are a high number of connections (as windows connections can't be pooled). My question is how much does this problem get minimized if one is using an x64 edition of Windows & SQL 2005? So while the situation is not improved in SQL2005, the bottleneck is moved somewhere else because of the additional memory that can be added. Can you guys do any testing on this or provide any suggestions for what should be tested & monitored?
  • Hi Tom,

    I'm currently attending the SEAS06 conducted by yourself and other member from the team. I'm actually looking for the script that you have demo today as well as your slides. Because I'm coming from a CTECH from Taiwan. I'm supposed to conduct the same class in Taiwan after I go back. I would greately appreciated to be able to download all slides and script from the team.

    Thanks and best regards,

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  • Hi Mark

    I recently attended the SEAS06 event in South Africa (Sandton).  You mentioned that we will be emailed with the link to the presentation slides.  Any idea when this will happen?

    Kind regards


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