Four new best practices articles are available

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Four new best practices articles are available at the SQL Server Best Practices site on Technet (

Two of the articles are on Analysis Services Processing and Querying best practices:

Analysis Services Processing Best Practices
by Denny Lee, Nicholas Dritsas, Carl Rabeler

Analysis Services Query Performance Top 10 Best Practices
by Carl Rabeler

For those of you interested in Full-text Queries on large catalogs, a great paper is

SQL Server 2005 Full-Text Queries on Large Catalogs: Lessons Learned
by Ron Talmage

As well, for guidance on building a Scale Out Querying for Analysis Services, please refer to:

Scale-Out Querying with Analysis Services
Denny Lee, Nicholas Dritsas

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  • I wish that sp_fulltext_querytimeout was documented in a place other than a best practice.  I appreciate the Best Practices, but the things they outline should already be well documented (IMHO).

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Four new best practices articles are available