SSIS 2008 - world record ETL performance

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Using SQL Server 2008 and SSIS 2008 the SQL Server Performance team working with Unisys and SQL CAT have shown SSIS scaling to world record performance!  We loaded 1.18 TB in under 30 minutes.


You can find more information here:  Also watch for a paper from the performance team about how this was achieved and lessons learned in this exercise.


In addition, the SQL CAT team have been doing work on fast data loads using bulk inserts.  Watch for TechNotes and best practices learned from this exercise.

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  • SSIS 2008 - world record ETL performance - SQL CAT team har sat ny ETL performance rekord. Stort tillykke

  • Authors: Denny Lee, Thomas Kejser, Matt Neerincx Contributors / Reviewers: Peter Carlin, Brandon Berg

  • Authors: Thomas Kejser, Denny Lee Contributors: Runying Mao Technical Reviewers: Burzin Patel, Kevin

  • With this type of high configuration, may be possible to achieve this type of result. But in real time scenario, Informetica is far better that SSIS.

  • Wow!!!

    Awesome!!!  tool from Microsoft.

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SSIS 2008 - world record ETL performance