SQL Server 2005: CLR Integration

Samples, tips and tricks, insights from the CLR Integration team at SQL Server.

June, 2005

  • SQL Server 2005: CLR Integration

    Working with Regular Expressions

    One of the many benefits of using CLR Integration in your database applications is the availability of rich .NET Framework libraries. SQL Server provides you with a set of built-in functions that can be used in your queries but with CLR Integration you...
  • SQL Server 2005: CLR Integration

    IS NULL vs. IsNull

    When using CLR UDTs, there has been some confusion regarding the difference between the T-SQL IS NULL construct and the required UDT property IsNull. Admittedly, this is not well-documented, so I thought I'd try to clear this up. To avoid having to...
  • SQL Server 2005: CLR Integration

    Locales in SQL Server

    Introduction Writing locale-safe external code in SQL Server has always been important due to the global nature of many businesses running on SQL Server. Doing it correctly requires a good knowledge of the different mechanisms used to store that locale...
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