SQL Server 2005: CLR Integration

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  • SQL Server 2005: CLR Integration

    IS NULL vs. IsNull

    When using CLR UDTs, there has been some confusion regarding the difference between the T-SQL IS NULL construct and the required UDT property IsNull. Admittedly, this is not well-documented, so I thought I'd try to clear this up. To avoid having to...
  • SQL Server 2005: CLR Integration

    Locales in SQL Server

    Introduction Writing locale-safe external code in SQL Server has always been important due to the global nature of many businesses running on SQL Server. Doing it correctly requires a good knowledge of the different mechanisms used to store that locale...
  • SQL Server 2005: CLR Integration

    Yet another TVF: returning files from a directory

    In my previous BLOG entry dated May 5th, I promised another sample that retrieves multiple files from a directory based on a specified name pattern. Here it is, this time in VB.NET. This is a more traditional Table-Valued-Function in that it actually...
  • SQL Server 2005: CLR Integration

    An Enigmatic Error while Returning UDT Results

    Let's say we have a very simple (and silly) CLR UDT defined and loaded into SQL Server named CLRInt, which exists solely to wrap a .NET integer and provide a ToString() method. We can now try to perform a very basic manipulation of this type: declare...
  • SQL Server 2005: CLR Integration

    File Access and table-valued functions

    In this article, we will discuss a sample CLR function that illustrates accessing an external resource such as a file from inside a SQL Server stored procedure or function, . The sample highlights a number of different features and concepts, such...
  • SQL Server 2005: CLR Integration

    Welcome to the SQL-CLR blog

    We hope to use this blog to communicate with the SQL Server user community on the CLR Integration features in SQL Server 2005 (sometimes known affectionately as SQL-CLR). This feature enables writing stored procedures, triggers, functions, user-defined...
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