I will be teaching a session at SQL Saturday in Columbus, OH this weekend!

While I have done plenty of workshops and customer presentations, this will be my first time speaking at a user group event.  I am looking forward it!

My session is titled SQL Server and SharePoint: Best Frienemies

I decided to do this session as I have gotten the luck of the draw to work with a number of very large SharePoint environments.  The two products do not always play nice together, but they can be managed with the proper settings, maintenance, and planning. In working with my customers, I did not find a whole lot of guidance on how to deal with all the oddities that come with a SharePoint application workload on a SQL Server other than my peers who also worked with large SharePoint environments.  I wanted this session to help DBAs understand a little bit about the SharePoint application, the databases it needs, and how to keep it running smoothly.  I have found that the most successful environments are ones where the SharePoint application team and the DBA team work together and share knowledge. I will also point out things to look out for as SharePoint can wreak havoc on a SQL Server if left unchecked.

I uploaded my slides today and I am ready to go!